why do I make art?

For me, making art is the most fundamental expression of optimism. It is my attempt to externalize personal experience and to translate my invisible subconscious universe into a tangible visual language.

In my work are the traces of the moments when this optimism has overcome the friction of daily life to reveal  glimpses of my inner world. These traces are the encoded symbols of my life. My work is informed by the temporal nature of being. It is an attempt to cheat time of its power to render me forgettable.

(Art has the ability to communicate, excite and inform.)

what inspires me?

I find inspiration in the detritus of daily urban life and in nature’s relentless drive to erode, destroy  and rebuild the world.  Trying to incorporate and create objects that reflect and freeze the moment of destruction and re-birth is central to my creative process.

I see the potential in the discarded materials and objects that litter both city streets and rural back roads. Hiding in plain sight are the building blocks of and inspiration for much of what I make.

My inspirations are many – family, history, nature, the urban environment, the written word.

My need to collect, curate and create objects has been a constant and integral part of my life.  Tools, toys, posters, puzzles, furniture, vessels, lamps and art have all played key roles in my creative experience. Frequenting  flea markets, antique shops and tag sales is a form of research – finding objects that resonate, challenge and inspire me. Form, surface, patina and color are my starting points for the creative process.