what are you working on now?

Recently I have been deconstructing and reassembling printed posters, wooden road signs and wooden and metal letters – the building blocks of daily communication and interaction – reducing them from recognizable symbols into their underlying structures and forms. Words and letters are transformed into patterns and abstractions. This work refers to my interest in quilts, game boards and folk art.

I believe that the human eye has a natural tendency to reconstruct things that have been disassembled. I am forever assembling and reassembling the pieces of the world that are presented to me.

(I admire the works of so many artists, among them Andy Goldsworthy. Martin Puryear, Norman Ives, Bill Traylor, Cecil Touchon, Joseph Cornell, and Jorge Fick. In their work I find elements of what I am trying to accomplish – the natural materials of Andy Goldsworthy, the simplicity of form of Martin Puryear, the fluidity and grace of Bill Traylor, the narrative power of Joseph Cornell, the deconstructed language of Norman Ives and the playful simplicity of Jorge Fick inspire my work.)

Biographical Timeline

b. 1954 – NYC
1954 – 1972 Raised in Flushing, NY
1972 – 1973 University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska
Studied civil engineering, mechanical drawing, computer science
1973 – 1974 Goddard College Plainfield, Vt.
Design-build architecture program, introduced to glassblowing
1974 – 1975 Summers at the Pilchuck Glass Center – Stanwood, Wa.
1975- 1977 Alfred University – State College of Ceramics BFA
1977 New Glass – exhibited sandblasted glass bowl
1977 – 1979 Studios in Brooklyn and Manhattan
1983 – 2013 Studios in Warren and Kent, Ct.
2010 – 2012 Exhibited work in Kent, Ct. galleries and restaurants.
2012 Exhibited at Art et Industrie Gallery – Reclaimed, Reused, Recycled, Great Barrington, Ma.